The Catalina 16.5 boasts a big roomy cockpit, and large storage locker forward, making for ideal family outings.

The 16.5 is available in two keel designs. The Centerboard model features a powerful sailplan, balanced by the stable hull form and fiberglass centerboard and rudder. Adjustable hiking straps, tiller extension, adjustable outhaul, and sheet bag are all standard equipment.

The Keel model is perfect for storing the boat on a mooring or dock most of the season. A molded-in sealed bilge sump is included. The high aspect keel is cast lead and attached with stainless steel keel bolts.


  • Adjustable Hiking Straps
  • Trailer Bow Eye
  • Fiberglass Composite Centerboard
  • Stainless Steel Standing Rigging
  • Dacron Running Rigging
  • Forward Storage Compartment
  • Roller Furling Jib with Furler Unit, UV Protection Leach and Foot
  • Five Year Gel Coast Blister Protection * (2)
  • Mainsail, Dacron White
  • Jib, Dacron White
  • One Piece Fiberglass Hull, White
  • One Piece Fiberglass Deck, White
  • Molded-in Non-skid Surface
  • Tiller Extension
  • Adjustable Hiking Straps
  • Boom Vang, Adjustable
  • Self-Bailing Cockpit
  • Adjustable Outhaul
  • Barney Post with Ratchet Cam Cleat
  • Anodized Mast and Boom
  • Cunningham